Welcome to the world, No. 2

29 Sep

Yesterday at 1 pm China time, 5 am BST we welcomed into the world a new baby boy grandchild. I’m not sure of the name or weight. I was privy to a shortlist of names. There was a photo, but I was unable to open it. Being a newborn he is bound to look like Winston Churchill.

It was a difficult birth, the sort that might have been fatal before the advent of modern obstetrics. Veronique, having gone through the whole process, as is a mother’s lot, is now recovering. The babe is drinking healthily and seems fine, despite making a slightly early appearance.

James is being father and carer, and must surely be in need of a good sleep.

So, congratulations to James and V on the birth of their second son, and to Milan on the arrival of a baby brother. I can feel another visit to China coming on, (but not for a while).


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