That embarrassing tattoo

8 Sep

We are coming up to the vote on Scottish independence. This is a very simple question, Yes for independence, No to retain the current Union. As for the effects of a Yes vote, much of this is still unquantified, but it will be profound. It is always easier to campaign FOR something than against it, and it is easy enough to raise the ugly head of nationalism. If the vote does go for independence then I suspect it will be as much a misjudged romantic gesture as anything else. The sort of romantic gesture of getting an ill advised tattoo of the name of a lover you split up with a week later; embarrassing and difficult to reverse.

For many years I have been suggesting that Britain is too small to be significant in the world economy. To balkanise an already small country just seems too quixotic, too stupid, to be considered. The Union only came about because England had to bail Scotland out. I can understand the annoyance with the powers that be in London, the political and financial establishments which have starved everywhere else of investment. But what next, the People’s Republic of Cornwall? Or how about the return to the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms? As for pulling out of the European Union, well, are you truly bonkers?


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