Rat and Mouse

20 Aug

Ratatouille and Moussaka, that is.

The garden is full of courgettes, sweetcorn and beans. In the greenhouse are peppers (capsicum) and aubergines (egg-plant), not to mention the tomatoes. Then there are the onions and garlic, already gathered in. It feels like I am making an almost endless pot of ratatouille. I try to finish one before starting another. The surplus aubergines, tomatoes, garlic and onions go to making moussaka, with the addition of some minced lamb. It’s a good job my partner, Hazel, likes both of these. 

It seems like the beans will carry on producing for some while. I have been freezing some for a while now, and the salad compartment of the fridge seems to be constantly full of the green and purple things. The tradition in the UK is to grow runner beans, eaten as pods. These things climb high and crop heavily. The pods are eaten while quite young. They are just about inedible when the beans have set inside. The other beans I am growing are purple climbing French beans. The variety is Blauhilde. I prefer these as they have a good texture and an excellent sweet taste with no ‘string’ to remove from the sides. When cooked they turn a dark green.

The beetroot and leaf beet are also ready, and I have loads off raspberries to jam or freeze.

I am busy trying to publicise the new book, Eating the Owl at the same time. At least that is a metaphor of eating!


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