The next book

31 Jul

I said I’d have another book ready for early September, but it is going to be a struggle to make that deadline. I had given up trying to finish volume 3 of the Edwardian Spy series by that time and am still trying to get a decent editor for the book I hope will win me fame and fortune, ‘Sunbeam’. The story I decided to push out was one I completed for a competition, doing 52k words in 23 days. It is a crime drama with a victim, who is the central character, and a villain. THE ‘Detectives’ do include policemen, but also a journalist, a medical social worker, a physiotherapist and others. The point being that there is no overall Sherlock Homes to unravel the case. Most of those involved aren’t even talking to each other. Only the reader really knows what is going on. The ending was a bit weak. I don’t like my heroes or villains to be supermen and women. But what I had written lacked tension, so I am ramping it up now.  And there were other areas I have expanded and a couple I have weeded out. Doing it in such short time makes the editing easier, as I am well aware of the plot and characters and don’t have to look up what I have already written.

It will still be a tight squeeze, but I hope I get there. The title of the book?

Eating The Owl

This is not a quote!

P.s. If anyone come up with an idea for the cover I would be most grateful


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