Jobs and employment

11 Jun

Wow! new figures from the government show record new numbers of jobs and a large fall in the unemployment figures. Great!

Oh, hang on a minute, this doesn’t seem to coincide with real experience.

Firstly, the government have changed the way that the unemployment figures are calculated in a breathtakingly creative way over the last four years. They have found ways to frig the figures by changing the rules by which the figures are measured. In order to accurately compare figures you need a baseline which does not change.Now, every government does this to some extent, but the current one is the worst I have known in my sixty years by a factor of ten. There is no way to compare figures easily, and the media roll over and don’t even try.

Then comes the record number of jobs. These include at least 350,000 people forced into self employment, probably nearer half a million. There are zero hour contracts, part time jobs that barely exist and internships. All of these are counted as jobs. If you had three or four of these you would not be earning a living wage. That is what counts. The ability to feed and house yourself and your family.

Now comes the proof of what I am saying. Increases in wages are running at half the increase of costs due to inflation. In other words, even if you have a job, the chances are that you are worse off than you used to be.

There are lies, damned lies, statistics and statistics produced by this government. I am howling mad that no newspaper or radio station is ripping into these statistics and showing them to be the window dressing of a deeply corrupt government. Morally corrupt, that is. Vote out Lord Snooty and his pals at the next election.

I am not in the least apologetic at this rant. Damn them, damn them to hell.


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