And now, relax …..

19 May

It has been a very busy week, so please excuse the lack of new posts. We had organised a party to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and, (belatedly), my 60th birthday. If you didn’t know it, the 20th anniversary is the ‘China’ one. On a scale of 1 for Paper to 60 years for Ruby it is not so far in, but it is my 2nd time around. Anyhow, we organised a meal for 26 people and a ceilidh (barn dance) for the evening for up to another 70. I did all the catering, and it took me days of preparation and shopping.

To coincide with the China anniversary we had visitors from China from Wednesday to Sunday. My son came over with his wife and 3 year old son, the delightful and bi-lingual Milan, AKA Mei Shu Lei, Lei-lei for short. So lots of driving and organising of rooms and facilities, such as booster seat, small bed for small boy and trainer toilet seat for small backside.

James and Milan

Lots of old friends and near neighbours came to the meal, and it went very well, considering that I had to call on the help of a guest to help plate up the starters. It over-ran slightly and the band were setting up as we had our puddings. Then we had to greet other guests and receive presents we hadn’t asked for but were delighted to receive. As hazel hardly drinks the bulk of the presents will be appreciated by me. Then we danced and I had to bring Milan and his mother, V back to go to sleep, dive down, sing a few songs, bring out the supper and so on. I’m sure I never thanked enough people for coming and for their presents, but I was flying around just trying to keep up.

On Sunday some of our guests who had been staying locally came for coffee and a chat. Then I had to take James V and Milan to the station to catch their train at mid-day. After I got back I was in a zombie-like state for the rest of the day. Today I am starting to recover a little, and should be back to normal by the end of the week.

Special thanks to my daughter Katie and her husband Tom for decorating the Village Hall so beautifully. Have a look at Katie’s website for quirky and original bags and purses. Surely you could use a handbag that looks like a sushi roll or slice of Battenburg cake!


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