More signings and other things

3 Mar

I had a book signing over the weekend. Rather more than that, in fact. I helped to man the bookshop at Berrington Hall over the weekend, and spent most of Thursday working to set it up. The books are housed in the Old Stables, which are heat free. Saturday was a sunny day, but the small high windows in the stables only allow light in after three pm at this time of year. The outside temperature was 5 deg. C, and the inside was barely warmer. After three hours I was struggling to feel my feet, fingers and nose. My head was alright as I was wearing the famous hat.

One of the few local celebrities, John Challis, a well-known TV actor was signing his books in the mansion yesterday and did quite well. He is a charming man, and I have met him on a few occasions. There were queues of people waiting for him to sign his books for them. I don’t begrudge him the attention, but it does show that a few appearances on TV will help shift thousands of books. I was in the stable, not mentioned in the publicity and was struggling to sell twenty copies. And I was helping out and I was contributing to the National Trust for every book sold. These days, it seems the only way to get a literary agent is to have a presence on TV.

On the plus side, I had my photograph taken by a local newspaper, The Shropshire Star and I managed to give out flyers, promotional material and business cards to various people, including a few involved in the media and publishing. I have cast by bread upon the water and have ended up with soggy bread. The Hereford Times did not run my press release (bastards) and I may now have to beg to go back on the local radio. Tomorrow I am going to talk to a local book group at the major library in the county, but I think more direct sales are unlikely. I have a cunning plan! More on that later. Buy the books at an amazing discount


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