Useful reminders

10 Feb

Two days after my fiftieth birthday I received an invitation to go on a Saga holiday. Now Saga is a company dealing with the needs of the more mature person. I may be getting vintage, but never mature! The idea of being sent on coach trips with crumblies to wander around some site of historic interest trying to avoid the zimmer frames and complaining about the tea afterwards, (Oh, they just don’t make it right, do they?) just fills me with dread. Saga louts, as they are known, are best avoided, along with chavellers. A couple of weeks ago was my sixtieth birthday and, lo and behold, last week I received an invitation to take part in a bowel cancer screening programme. All very worthy. I am sure, but it did not improve my mood very much. Determined, as I am, to grow old disgracefully, this seems to be a sign to start slowing down. I think death is a much better indicator as nature’s way of telling you to slow down, so I will carry on much as before, with wine, women and song – wife permitting – and stick two fingers up to fate.

The party was not on my birthday. Half way through January is not a good time to have a party. Everyone is just about socialised out after Christmas and New Year. I’ve known this for years, and usually have an un-birthday in June. Like the Queen, I have an official birthday as well as a real one. This year we are having a party in May to coincide with our 20th wedding anniversary. The village hall and the band are booked and an invitation will soon be winging its way to the relatives and friends who should be coming. Locals and work friends will be informed shortly afterwards. I am looking forward to misbehaving, dancing and generally making a lovable prat of myself. So, no change there.


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