Back to work

27 Jan

The last performance of the pantomime was Saturday night. My voice is still recovering and the beard is now two days old and hardly showing. I thought it best to shave my beard off as I was playing the dame. If you don’t know the tradition of pantomime, then a short explanation is probably necessary. All I can say is that the tradition goes back a couple of hundred years and has sort of evolved from comedia del arte stuff. The stories are mostly fairy stories, and traditional ones, such as Dick Wittington. One of the characters is always played as the dame, I.e. a man dressed as an unconvincing woman. There was another tradition that the ‘leading boy’ would be a tall young woman with an impressive bust and legs which looked good in tights. This is much more rare these days, but the dame traditon continues. Most years I play the dame in our local pantomime. This is the chief comic character, in effect a clown.Image

So with that project finished I am back to work now


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