Irony and certainty

21 Jan

There was a story on the MSN UK website yesterday about a speech by Nigel Farage, the il duce of UKIP (Thats the United Kingdom Independence Party, or Deluded Little-Englanders Party [DLEP] as I prefer to think of them). I commented that dear Nigel’s surname was French. After a short while I received a comment that my comment was irrelevant. Errr… it does seem to suggest that the reply came from someone who has no idea what irony is – or what xenophobia means for that matter. Still, I suppose you need to have any sense of humour removed when you become a dedicated swallower of Fascism. 

Other comments complained that other parties and some elements of the press were turning their fire on DLEP. Irony of ironies, what with The Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Star as tacitly supporting the DLEP policies. A UKIP local politician recently had the party whip removed after stating that the recent spate of floods was God’s response to gay marriage being made legal. Stories like this are coming out on a regular basis, seemingly every week. Is this a sign that the press is biased or does it show that the party has more nuts than a fruit cake?

The average commentator on MSN who supports UKIP not only has no grasp on reality, but also has had a sense of humour by-pass. What they do have is certainty. Their ‘facts’ might be invented, their prejudices without foundation but they score on the certainty front. They believe that their spokesman and leader is different from all other politicians, somehow pure and noble. That is a religious rather than a political belief. They bow down and worship him, and no-one can gainsay him on any statement. In their eyes he is perfect. Those with a sense or irony, or the slightest knowledge of history, think differently.


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