Wealth and hypocracy

16 Jan

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne has just announced that he would like the minimum wage to rise to about £7 per hour. At a full time rate that works out about £11k per year. Since coming to office the Tory dominated coalition has failed to raise the minimum wage by a single penny. Only two companies have been prosecuted, under pressure from trades union, to pay the old rate. This is in nearly four years. Under pressure from millions who have been suffering inflationary rises in food, fuel and rent while wages have stagnated the Chancellor makes this announcement. To be charitable it could be regarded as an act of political expediency. More likely it is a cynical exercise in PR. I accuse you, rich twat George Osbourne of being a dissembling git. To sit on the sidelines and watch while the rich bankers who got us into this situation get richer while the poor workers get poorer suggests only one thing to me, that this career politician and patrician is a liar of the very worst kind.

Oh, and many firms in the agricultural sector pay about £1 per hour using exclusively foreign labour to pick fruit and veg. If these jobs were open to British workers this scandal might be highlighted. Same old story for the tory – fu*k the poor!


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