Economics and writing

11 Dec

To be honest, trying to be a writer is a bad way to try to make a living. There are many more people writing than people making a living from writing. When I decided to write a series of commercial novels I did my research and stuck to the rules I worked out. Once I had some product to show I attempted to get an agent. Publishers do not consider writers without agents. Having submitted samples to quite a few agents I received no trace of interest. Some of the comments were not so much discouraging as downright ignorant and lazy. Having already published electronically I went a step further and started to publish in print. It was quite a steep learning curve, but I do not regret it. My books are now generally available and are selling. The main problem with Print-On-Demand is that the books look expensive when compared with mass produced books. There is a way round this problem, which is to sell books from your own website. A book which retails for £12.99 includes a large mark-up for the retailer. The same book costs about £4 from the printers. Even allowing for postage of £1.76 per book, I can sell the book for £8 per copy and make a decent profit per unit.

The next part is to drive traffic to the website, which is more of a problem. If anyone out there wants to form a sharing a referral system for micro-publishers and self-publishers. Everyone has a shopping cart on their own site, and advertises other peoples books with links. If anyone out there thinks this is a good idea, please leave a comment.


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