Back Again

28 Nov

It has been over a week since my last post. I performed a Windows update on my computer and it screwed up and stopped the machine entirely. It has taken me until today to get it sorted out. An update to Windows was required. I lost all my programs, links and shortcuts. Most of the programs, at least the ones I use most have been reinstalled and are working, but it has been a lot of work and stress. Oh, and I had to pay Microsoft for the service the failure of their software required. The only good thing is that stripped of its rubbish, the machine is working much faster. The one thing I have yet to do is to re-link Word to WordPress, so this is being done on my Chromebook.
In the meantime I have received my first delivery of the first book, Most Secret, and have ordered a load of the second book, Down in the Flood. Also, I have been practising my signature for the signing.


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