On the move

21 Nov

My main computer is five years old and has all sorts of rubbish slowing it down. I have bought a package which allows me to control what has been shoved on the Start menu and get rid of the sort of annoying software which does not want to be deleted. Yesterday I gave in to an annoying nag screen and agreed to download a Windows Vista update. The process started at shortly after 8 am and was still going on close to midday. The machine then refused to reboot properly. In effect I was unable to sign on properly until the afternoon. When I switched the machine on just now it started looping round saying “Installing Update three of three – do not switch off”. It then restarts, and has been doing that for an hour. (Deep sigh).
Just over a week ago I took delivery of a Samsung Chromebook, which is what I am using now. Most of what I do can be done on the Net. The Chromebook boots up and is on a homepage on the Net within ten seconds. To say that I have become a convert is to perfect the English art of understatement. Of course, there are some things that I cannot do on-line, mostly heavy duty DTP in my case, and some Photoshop stuff, but most tasks I can do. I already use Google Docs, so most of my text files are already up in the ether. The Samsung connected first time, and very quickly, with the WiFi at the nearest Starbucks, and this will become my office when I’m in town. I have seen the future, and it works.


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