Lost in translation

30 Oct

Here are a couple of genuine pieces of text from China, the first from Xitang, on a moped and the second from Suzhou, on a shop selling custard tarts.

I can’t quite believe this one, but believe me, it is genuine. I’m not sure how they got the translation or who they got it from but it does make for a laugh.

The second picture is from a shop in Suzhou. I presume they confused hand-made with manual, which is understandable. That tart is also slang for prostitute doesn’t help much in this case.

In UK English there is a story / joke. This concerns the words sight and vision, which are generally regarded as being synonyms. However, if you call a woman a vision she will regard it as a compliment, but if you call her a sight she is liable to slap you.


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