All the way from China

25 Oct

Pardon the gap in these postings, but we recently got back from China. We visited a piece of old China, Xitang, a piece of modern China which has preserved the past, Suzhou (pronounced Sue-Joe) and parts of Beijing where parts of the Tartar city still exist among the constant remodelling of the modern city.

This post is about the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou. The Chinese idea of beauty is all to do with order within nature and texture. The garden should be a haven of tranquility. Groups of twenty or more are ushered around the gardens by guides armed with a microphone and having a squawk box dangling around the waist. The volume of these amps is set to a distorted scream. If you are unlucky enough to get stuck between two such groups all you can do is cover your ears. The gardens are now available to all, not just the very few, but it is a supreme irony that what should be an area of quiet and reflection is now horribly noisy.

Anyhow, here are a few photos, to give some idea of what the gardens are like.

The gardens really are beautiful, and are a World Heritage site


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