Bodging it together

5 Sep

When I decided to be cheap and not pay a graphic artist to create a cover for the book, I was left with the options of using a modified template or creating one myself. The templates were all a bit obvious, so I decided to make one myself. Being both a history nut and a bit of a photographer I have plenty of pictures of the castles and stately homes around here. It was not too difficult to apply some artistic filters to change the basic photo. The book is an adventure yarn and I decided to pull out some pictures from my initial notes. There is a good deal of century old technology that crops up, so I used a picture of a type of car that appears in my text, a 1909 Napier. A character who also appears in the novel is Dorothy Levitt who was holder of the woman’s land speed record for almost a decade and set that record in a Napier. A had a picture of her and another of a Napier in a museum. It was quite a lot of work to cut out the picture of Dorothy and place her in the car, and the cut-out of the car was an involved business. I am quite pleased at the result. It is a bit comic-book and seems fit for an adventure story.

The background is part of Croft Castle, near to where I live. The rear cover shows a hill and a Bleriot monoplane. This involved another cut-out!

Oh, and go and read the book. Think Downton Abbey, think James Bond. Oh, dear no!

This is Most Secret. Do not read this book, do not tell anyone else about it!


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