More bread

16 Aug

As I seem to have picked up several followers when I do these recipe blogs, I thought I might as well continue with another for sourdough bread.
This one is for a savoury loaf.


  1. 375 grams strong white bread flour
  2. 125 grams wholegrain rye flour
  3. 3 grams salt
  4. 10 grams poppy seeds
  5. 20 grams crispy onions – from a tub!
  6. 125 grams sourdough starter at room temperature
  7. 320 ml lukewarm water

Mix dry ingredients together, add sourdough starter and water and knead to a smooth, elastic dough, for about ten minutes by hand. Place in a vessel to prove. The dough should more than double in size, preferably nearer four times before baking.

Place in a pre-heated oven at 190 deg C for 45 minutes. Turn out and cool on a rack. Best eaten warm but keeps well for up to three days. Enjoy with some good sharp cheese and your favourite condiment.

You can get special raffia bowls to prove the dough in. These are generously floured before the dough goes in. They cost about fifteen pounds each, which is bloody ridiculous for a bit of raffia from a third world sweatshop and I refuse to pay that. Also, you have to turn them onto a baking sheet before baking and half the time the dough sticks to the woven bits. You’ll see that I use a loose bottomed round non-stick cake tin. It is used for both proving and cooking the bread. The result is less rustic than the raffia but a lot cleaner and reduces the risk of disturbing the dough before baking.

This is the dough in the cake tin just before baking

And this is what it looked like after baking and taking the tin away

This is what the inside looks like!

One last rant. The British are inclined to use a serrated bread knife for cutting bread, which rips and creates crumbs. I much prefer a sharp long carving knife for cutting the loaf as it does a much neater job. But then again, you could probably shave with most of my knives. What use is a blunt kitchen knife?


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