Cardiff Bay

18 Jun

We went for a trip to Cardiff yesterday, to look around the new(ish) bay development and, well, just for a day out really. We went by train from Hereford, about an hour’s journey. It was drizzling as we left and was still a little damp when we arrived. The last part of the journey was two one-stop hops, from Cardiff Central to Queen Street, then from Queen Street to Cardiff docks. The development is just old enough for it to settle a bit in terms of blending in and for some of the sharper edges to wear down. Around the harbour there is a plethora of food joints and the Welsh Parliament, the National Arena and the Pierhead. We walked around the barrier up to the Captain Scott exhibition, past the playgrounds and fitness things, then back to the Boat Museum, where we tried to pay, but no-one was there to collect. We had tea and cake in the cafe. After a walk around we went into the Doctor Who experience for lunch before going into the performance and exhibits. We experienced ship shake on the Tardis bridge, 3d monsters and other silly stuff, eventually coming out on the exhibition area and the monsters and costumes and things. It is an effective way of parting the tourists from their cash, though many seem to have gone there specifically as fans, from all over the globe.

At one point we had a silly picture on a background, just the usual schtick. When passing the bay we went on a quick trip on a water bus around the development.

We walked the mile and a bit back to the city centre, had a brief look at the shopping, ate in Pizza Express and had a drink in The Duke of Wellington before getting the train back from Cardiff Central, arriving home a bit before half ten


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