The rath of Karhn

15 Jun

We (belatedly) went to see the film ‘Star Trek – Into Darkness’ last night. I switched off my brain and I suppose it was OK. If you like lots of wiz-bangs and flashy FX, that is. It’s what I have to put up with, being married to a part-time Trekkie and Whoie. Talking of which, as ‘er outdoors has some time off we are going to Cardiff on Monday and will be taking in the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Docks. Now the new Doctor Who series (since the break in production) certainly has better production values than the old one, and some of the stories and villains are quite good, apart from the clinically obese Daleks. I suppose it is part of my burden in life to be tolerant. I’m not exactly sure that it works both ways. For example, we are going on a short break soon, and had to make a late booking. My choice was for somewhere hot but not too far away, and cheap. Well, the weather has mostly been effin’ cold and effin’ miserable. Anyhow, Hazel doesn’t much care for the heat. We are now going to Snowdonia, North Wales. Guaranteed to be warm and dry! So I didn’t win that one.

Anyhow, back to the film. There is a bit of an overlap here, at one remove. Benedict Cumberbatch, who is becoming ubiquitous, played Khan in the movie and also played Sherlock Holmes in the series also produced by the new Doctor Who People. The character was rehashed from the earlier film ‘Wrath of Khan’, when played by Ricardo Montaleban in a chest prosthetic. The working name for the character in the new film is John Harrison, and the planet they travel to is Chronos. Now, John Harrison invented the Marine Chronometer which enabled accurate navigation in the Eighteenth century, geddit? Years ago we kept recording the old movie onto VHS. Doing a clearout we found we had no less than four copies. What I couldn’t stand about that movie was the American pronunciation, as in the title above. Any Englishman knows it should be pronounced ‘The roth of Karn’.


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