The self-destruct button

20 May

The Conservative backwoodsmen are fuming about gay marriage. They are also in incendiary mood about the EU. Meanwhile the economy is in dire trouble and growth is flatter than Keira Knightly’s chest. If you want to get re-elected, then just remember, it’s the economy, stupid! There is one point which may temporarily have escaped the backbenchers of the Conservative Party, which is that they are part of a coalition government. They are a minority party in parliament, reliant on the Lib Dems for the right to govern. If the coalition was to break apart tomorrow, followed by a vote of no confidence, they would lose the vote. Then a general election would be called and the Conservatives would suffer a crushing defeat.

So, here is a word of advice, don’t split and fight on issues the public cares very little about and concentrate instead on kick-starting the economy, unless you want to spend another decade in the political wilderness.


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