Making plans

15 May

I am currently recording the first book, Troubled Waters, as audio files. I have found that by reading aloud I find the imperfections of the text really easy to spot. This is not just for typos but also for the wrong word or a clumsy phrase. Having completed this exercise I will release the book in a new edition and also make it available as Pay On Demand (POD). Having invested in a decent sound recorder I thought I might as well edit the files and put them together as an audio book. That means that there will be three versions of the same story. Once that is done I will go through the same process with the second book, Down in the Flood. By doing it this way I hope to end up with a better product, available through several media. With a bit of luck it might take off.

When I started this process I thought that I should have some suitable music as a theme and introduction. For Troubled Waters I have decided on the second theme from Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No. 4 (The quiet bit). Because Down in the Flood is set in Paris in 1910 I looked up some details and found that Stravinsky’s Firebird was premiered there and then. I had to send for a CD as it was a piece of music I did not own. It got me to thinking that I ought to be playing suitable period music when I am writing, just to get me in the mood. I have an unrelated third novel set in early nineteen fifties Britain. That one will need some Benjamin Brittan, I think.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as the project proceeds. Nothing will be released until after it has been thoroughly reviewed and revised.


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