Don’t let the facts get in the way of your prejudice

13 May

Yesterday (Sunday), the Minister of Education, Michael Gove, said that if there was a referendum tomorrow he would vote for Britain to leave the EU. This opinion did not affect my opinion of Mr Gove or the position of Britain within Europe. I have worked closely with the local school and I can state unequivocally that Michael Gove is the worst Minister of Education I can remember, and that includes Margaret Thatcher [Milk Snatcher] under Ted Heath.

Today it emerged that the opinions of Mr Gove about children’s knowledge of history, as expressed in the Mail on Sunday were based on “facts” gleaned mostly from a survey commissioned and conducted by UKTV Gold and another survey carried out by Premier Inns. If Mr Gove can justify the policy of Education for the country on such rubbish data I think we should not only doubt his opinions on the EU, but reject them entirely.

Of course, this is not the only example. Nigel Lawson, Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher was a complete disaster for the country. He too has come out as anti-EU. You can judge from what I have just written that I have little respect for his opinions either.

When you point out the flaws in their arguments and disprove their “facts” the anti-EU lobby will react in several ways. They will probably make a personal attack on the messenger. Then comes the apocryphal stories about someone they know. There is no arguing with them. An intellectual argument is dependent on both sides using reason and evidence. There is no point in arguing with someone who is either too stupid or too prejudiced to stick to those simple rules.


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