Return to Winter

25 Mar

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It is now near the end of March, the first day of Spring has been and gone and we have two inches of snow, the temperature outside has yet to get above freezing and there are icicles over a foot long hanging from the roofing over the patio.

On Friday the tree in the back garden was taken down to make way for the new greenhouse, due to be delivered today. It was an interesting sight to see the local tree-surgeon climbing the maple and hanging off at curious angles whilst wielding a chainsaw. He took the main trunk and branches away for his own use, hence the reasonable price he charged.

I was supposed to make a start on the footings for the greenhouse over the weekend, but the snow started to fall Friday afternoon and was quite deep by Saturday morning, lying over the cut, unsorted wood and smaller branches. Yesterday I went out with a pair of loppers and a bow saw and sorted the pile into firewood, poles for the garden and small cuttings to burn. I had to clear the snow off much of the wood but never felt cold.

Sometime today I will attempt to burn the cuttings, provided they are not too wet. That might help to keep me warm, and will clear the area I need to put the greenhouse over. At least it is not raining, though the forecast is for it to remain near freezing until Friday at the earliest.

The container of rock salt used to clear the drive had to be retrieved from the shed, and Hazel had to use a broom to sweep the worst of the snow from the roof of her car this morning. The cat looks rather annoyed at having to go out into the cold to do what a cat must do, but she hasn’t requested a litter tray yet.


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