Back to work

1 Feb

The pantomime finished almost a week ago, leaving me feeling a bit drained. In fact I was in no position to do any writing until Wednesday. Currently I am concerned to get an agent and a publishing deal. This may sound like a cop-out, but I am finding that I am not good at generating publicity and my income needs a boost. Mt experience of sending out drafts of my second Gentleman Spy novel has not been good. After receiving feedback I decided that it was probably wrong to start with a novel series, so I have sent out instead the first chapters of a very different book, ‘Sunbeam’, which is a rural noir novel set in 1953 and the near present. As far as I can tell there is nothing even nearly similar out there, so I hope it might find a market. I have written about 65k words so far and it should end up at about 110k.

In the meantime I am putting off publishing ‘Down in the Flood’ until I have sold ‘Sunbeam’ or have given up trying to do so due to lack of interest. My opinion, and those of early editors, is that this is easily the best thing I have done. For several years I have been planning to write a partially fictionalised book about a certain incident which happened near to where I live, but local sensitivity on the subject is still strong. It was my wife who suggested that I put the story in another location. This I did, placing it in the area where I mostly grew up, and adding some of my own memories as well as those of some friends and relatives.

[Slight break there as I had to chase a squirrel away from the bird feeders]

Anyhow, to return to the theme, I have sent off some initial chapters to an agent selected after some research about their current clients. And I shall only send it to one agent at a time and carefully target each one. This is a business deal and it should benefit both parties. Research seems to be the key here.Sunbeam


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