Freedom and the dead of Newtown

18 Dec

We are about to hear a lot about freedom from the gun lobby. They will be silent until after Christmas, but a counter attack is on the way. What we never hear from them is about responsibility. When you form a part of society you have responsibilities as well as rights and freedom. And what freedom do those twenty murdered children have? All their possibilities have been blown away. They no longer have freedom to do anything. No more children should have their freedom to live denied.
Speaking to the gun lobby, is your freedom to own a gun that is only fit to kill large numbers of people worth the price? What does your freedom consist of but the right to be a possible mass murderer? Or is it that you are a pathetic failure with a very small penis and this is the only way you can look big? (Or are you a career criminal?). There is no excuse for a civilian to own an assault rifle.
‘But it is enshrined in the Constitution,’ comes the reply. The right to bear arms was added at a time when the there were Redcoats running amok and a rapid response was required. As far as I know this particular threat went away quite a long time ago, or hadn’t you noticed? Even then, an American rifle could only fire two rounds a minute, and that when used by a skilled and experienced part-time soldier. That is a far cry from ten rounds a second. Such a rifle could be used for hunting as well as war. An assault rifle is only fit for killing large numbers of people in a short time, and it does not require a high level of skill to load and operate.
How many deaths will it take ‘till you know that too many people have died? I demand the freedom for children not to be shot by damaged individuals armed with battlefield weapons. I humbly suggest that you take your notional, antisocial freedom and stick it where the sun don’t shine.


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