Dreading the returned draft

15 May

The draft was finished almost a week ago and is being edited and proofed. Now I am aware that I can get very defensive about the books. Corrections to commas and words which crept past the spell checker I can handle, but the comments asking if people would behave in this way at this time make me squirm. I try to be historically accurate, at least as much as I can within the confines of the plot. And I am writing to a formula for a commercial market. There is a certain amount of fantasy in the spy stories, so a gratuitous sex scene is just about par for the course. Also, in dialog, people often echo the other person who is talking, so some repetition is normal. The structure is also intended to be easy to adapt as a screenplay, so there is very little inner dialogue.

Anyway, I am dreading the draft coming back as much as I am committed to defending some suggested edits and changes. Does every author have this paranoia for a process which is only intended to improve what is produced?


One Response to “Dreading the returned draft”

  1. Courtney Hosny June 7, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    I can sympathize with this feeling…it’s like holding your breath for a horribly extended period of time! Keep at it!

    Courtney Hosny

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