Phew, finished the draft

10 May

I have just finished the draft of the second book in the Walter and Godiva series. This is entitled ‘Down in the Flood’ and is set (mostly) in Paris in January 1910. This is considerably longer than the first book, ‘Troubled Waters’, but should lose several hundred words from the first chapter. The edited version will be reviewed a second time for typos, etc, and then published. I’ll probably do a version for the new Kindle format and the more advanced standard of epub, with photos and other details of the research included.

So for now I shall be putting away my books on Lenin and MI6 for a little while. There is some other editing I must be doing for someone else, and some catch-up with some administrative tasks. The third book in the series will be set in May 1910 in South Africa. And will involve the death of Edward VII and the succession of George V. There is plenty of research to be done about the politics of that part of the world during the build up to partial independence from Britain, and the racism which was enshrined in law. The good thing is that I am writing much more quickly now.

Having put up the price of the first book in the series to an economic level – but still good value – I find that sales are going much as they were before. Before setting out on the next book I will try to produce a POD version for those without eReaders and perhaps an audio version.

The first book can be found on
and also on Amazon Kindle books under my writing name of Jon Wakeham.


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