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Samples, spoilers and teasers

19 Apr

It’s got to that time when the first draft of the second book in the series is now complete. For those of you who enjoyed the first book enough to want to read the second, I intend to provide a sample of the content. The easiest thing to do would be to give the first chapter or two. However, that would not represent what most of the book is about. At the start of the story our hero is undergoing some ineffective training with the army in a camp in Hampshire, England. The rest of the story takes place in Paris, (No, sir, not Paris Texas, but the real thing, Paris France).  What I like best in the story may not be what causes most enthusiasm among the majority of readers. I have been in a perpetual minority since I can remember, and can never guess what the majority opinion is.
There is also the question of when exactly does a sample become a spoiler? What I don’t want to reveal too early is what the hero’s mission is. To do that would be to provide a spoiler rather than a sample. The best I can currently come up with is a sample that is slightly away from the main plot which is both entertaining and slightly mysterious. This will be my little teaser, and I have a list of two possible events. The first is in a bar in Paris where the hero’s near neighbour is served an absinthe with all due ceremony and the second is a visit to what was the most luxurious brothel in the world.

The title of the new book is ‘Down in the Flood’

Cover picture for Down in the Flood

Down in the Flood cover