World Book Day – have you noticed?

1 Mar

Today, 1st March 2012 is World Book Day, and I’ve hardly noticed in the media. I think it would be a good idea to nominate one book that is your favourite and add just a few words about why you like it so much. Maybe we can add some voting buttons in a couple of days and find out what authors like to read.

So, in order to get the ball rolling I suppose that I had better suggest one. This book makes me laugh and it makes me think. Using the device of placing the action in an entirely invented world the author can examine subjects that would have a fatwa called against him/her if set in this world. Finally, I like a book that doesn’t talk down to me, and requires me to have a little general knowledge in order to appreciate the jokes. Oh yes, and there is a true deus ex machina plot denouement at the end.

So here is my book, Smalll Gods, by Terry Pratchett.


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