Plugging the book

8 Feb

I will be on the local radio station on Friday, talking about ePublishing and my book in particular. The researcher, who also does the traffic reports, asked me to send a copy so that the presenter could understand what it was all about, and was unwilling to stump up the $2.99 to buy it on Amazon. This is a genuine conundrum, as the radio interview is unlikely to generate a huge number of sales. The age demographic of the station is fairly elderly, and I can’t imagine that many of them own a Kindle or Kobo reader or an iPad etc. In fact, despite my determination to have only eBook editions I can see that a PoD version, and a few copies to hand out, might be a good investment.

Anyway, I sent a PDF copy over and hope that it doesn’t  get passed around too much. The last time I was interviewed on the station was about twenty years ago, when I was appearing in a play at the local theatre. That went very well, and I hope this new one leads to some more interest. I may well try to plug a book I have put up for another author, who is getting sales despite not having reviews, a website, blog or Twitter feed. It seems that this book has plugged in to some audience I hadn’t envisaged. It certainly contains some interesting and challenging ideas. Judge for yourself, and look it up on Amazon or please me even more by puchasing it through The book is ‘Interview with an Alien’ by Hari Nyalls.!133143011%2Cn%3A!251259011%2Cn%3A1286228011%2Ck%3Anyals+interview


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