The necessity for speed

2 Feb

I was reading that a successful writer of eBooks manages to write a YA novel in fifteen days. It takes me longer than that to think of the plot. Then there is the research I need to ensure that my plotline fits in with the actual events of the period  am writing about. I now know a good deal about the Paris floods of January 1910, what Lenin (Vladymir Ulyanov) was doing in exile in Paris then, the activities of the local gangsters (Apaches) and the interior decoration of the ultra luxurious La Chabanais brothel.

In trying to get things right I have consulted railway timetables and town plans. All this is not just to ensure that some anorak somewhere won’t write to me and tell me I’ve got it all wrong, but to give reality to the setting, time and place.

Were I working solely within my imagination or an entirely imagined world I am sure I could write one of those bloated fantasy tomes that I find so annoying. J R R Tolkein was working on a body of story and myth from the British Isles, Ireland, Iceland and Scandinavia. He may have invented Middle Earth, but he sure as heck knew how he saw it in terms of the literary background which allows us to see that world in four dimensions.

Anyway, the idea of writing 70,00 words in 15 days just doesn’t work. I am planning to write 90,00 words in seven weeks. And that includes review and corrections. Even that is pushing it, but I must try to keep up the interest that was generated by the first book and feed the appetite of those readers who bought and enjoyed it.

See what the fuss was about,


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