Looking for a villain

16 Jan

It’s the pantomime season here in Britain. If you don’t know the artform, it’s a little difficult to explain why there is a man dressed up as a woman and the leading boy is, rather obviously, a girl. Nonetheless, there is one part in the patomime which is easily the most fun to play, and that is the villain. There has been a bit of a complaint this side of the pond that many Hollywood movies, especially the action ones, have British actors as the main villains. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this. They are just following the old tradition of the pantomime villain. Think moustache-twirling, eye-rolling, maniacal laughter, chewing the carpet etc.

Well, this year, in our village pantomime I am playing the villain, and it is a hoot. At the same time, I am trying to complete the second in my series of novels. But I am unhappy with the villain I currently have. If you have heroic deeds being done you need a decent villain to work against. What would Sherlock be without Moriarty? or Robin hood without the Sheriff of Nottingham? As part of the process of artistic cross-fertilization, or synthesis, if you prefer, I am now going to give the book villain some of the qualities of the pantomime villain.

Oh, and I just looked it up, and the book has now sold 507 copies in 3 and a bit days – way-hey!



One Response to “Looking for a villain”

  1. Diane Stephenson January 18, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    I saw your post on LinkedIn so popped by for a peek. Congratulations on your book sales! And have fun being the villain. I was never into acting, but admire those who can do it. The closest I ever came to it, aside from being a Christmas tree in a Sunday School Christmas concert 50 some years ago, was to help create some of the props for a high school rendition of Macbeth.

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