Causing Offence

10 Jan

I recently helped to ePublish a book about some of the craziness of the modern world. The author is known to me, and wished the book to be published under an assumed name, because he/she didn’t want to be identified. The author feared that the views expressed, even if through the mouth of a fictional alien visitor, would cause grave offence to some people.

There was a story on the web about the end of the Maya calendar would herald the end of the world on 21st December 2012, (or was that May 2013?). Remember the Millenium Bug panic of 1999? Nothing happened then and nothing will happenof great note on any long-published day. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been promising the end of the world with unfailing regularity for over a century with no success.

That last statement will no doubt earn me vehement denials from the JWs out there. So should I be worried about offending them? Frankly, I don’t care. In fact, if there are people and groups out there who wish to be offended, I would be perfectly happy to insult them, which will make us both happy. What I least like is intolerance of perfectly reasonable behaviour. In a pluralistic society one of the few things we can never tolerate is that kind of intolerance.

Well back to the beginning of this blog. The book in question is ‘Interview with an Alien’, by Hari Nyalls, and it is available through Amazon Kindle and via my website If you can’t find it, it is probably because of some conspiracy by aliens!


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