Making eBooks a better reading experience

9 Jan

I am quite excited by the possibilities offered by the next release of ePub standards. In writing the first book in a series set from 1909 to the assassination in Sarajevo in 1914 I undertook a great deal of research. In order to provide a convincing picture of the time I investigated the leading personalities who were to appear in the story, the politics and international events of the time and the technological developments of the time. My hope is that this does not hang heavily on the plot of the first book, but if I have awaoken any curiosity among the readers it would be useful if I could provide links in the book to Wikipedia articles, photographs, audio recordings and films of the time  which can be viewed through the internet. Some characters turn out to be more boring in the historical record than might be expected, while others burst fully formed from the dusty pages. What is even more interesting are the links to other people and events which lie outside of the limits of the book.

If it proves possible to include external links and pop-ups within an eBook, it will add an entire new experience for the reader. Let me know if you find this as exciting as I do.

The book, Troubled Waters,  is currently available exclusively from Amazon Kindle


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