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Printed copies of Troubled Waters?

29 Dec

Does anyone want a printed copy of ‘Troubled Waters’. If there is sufficient demand I will produce a printed version. Currently the book is only available in eBook format


Book in the pipeline

29 Dec

Episode two of Walter and Godiva will appear in June 2012. Provisionally entitled ‘Down in the Flood’, the action takes place in London and Paris in January 1910.
Jon Wakeham publishes through

All those phone calls

29 Dec

Several years ago I signed up to stop cold calls calls to my land line, but tis only applies to calls made in the UK. Marketing companies are now calling from the Indian sub-continent, to get around the legalities. On average I receive two of these calls per day, usually asking me to participate in market reseach or asking about my energy providers. It is not ther fault of the workers making the calls, so I try to be polite. After a few efforts I have come up with this script:
‘Thank you for calling. I am afraid that I do not answer questions like these on the telephone. I am putting the phone down now. Goodbye.’
Place the telephone back in its cradle after that. If they try to interupt the script you are permitted to be firmer, something on the lines of, ‘Don’t interupt me, I’m the customer.’ In all cases, try to keep it short. It’s your time their wasting.